Rants about being ugly and gay.

I forgot I had a tumblr. Nothing has changed at all what in the world.

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Future Islands-Walking Through that Door

This song has this 80’s feel to it. I like.

I like too.


Well I recently found out that my parents know about me already. It’s a funny story about how I found out. But they don’t know that I am aware that they know I’m gay. Was I scared? No. I’m more relieved actually.

You know what it feels like?

It feels like a big fart that you’ve been holding…

I wish my life were like this.

Why are the really ugly straight guys the ones who are really ridiculously homophobic?


Do you really think I want to tap that mullet?

I am so craving this right now.

I am so craving this right now.

I grabbed a guys crotch accidentally.


I swear it was on accident. He ran into my hand and I cupped his crotch. Oh my.

He seemed to like it because he smiled at me.



He was cute.

But it was an accident. I swear.

I wish these kinds of things would happen to me.


I saw a full body mirror so you know what I did.

Ooooh, I love what you’re wearing!

Model status.

I want a boyfriend that eats a lot of friend chicken with me.

Oh gosh, I’m having one of those days where I want to eat some friend chicken and pizza all day every day.